Financial Product Summary

Network telex has over 20 years of experience assisting broad financial sectors and has a wide range of specific products and services for the industry which have been utilised by major banks and Corporations across the world.

Products Include:

  • E-telex messaging for International sending and receipt of legal document status messages.
  • Encrypted e-telex messaging for secure environments and message integrity.
  • Dedicated encrypted servers for messaging service dedicated global supply and outsource procedures.
  • Debt Collection solutions - ensuring notices are signed for by receiving parties and there new contact details collected to be reported back to our clients on a daily bases.
  • Telex Messaging / Hardware and Software Solutions for in house communication platforms.
  • Credit Card / store finance solutions for confirmation and enhanced recovery techniques.
  • "Data Washing" and confirmation of correctability.
  • SWIFT Global message services via our BiC code.
  • SMS banking solutions - transaction confirmation ,client notifications and marketing solutions.
  • Strategic LEGAL NOTICE delivery solutions.
  • Raw data Excel database merged with unique populated documents with electronic global delivery.
  • S.W.I.F.T integration for e-telex / e-fax messaging
  • S.W.I.F.T Approved supply of FAX and TELEX hardware units to integrate with SWIFT ALLIANCE programs
  • Additional security coding as per the globally recognised "Test Key" Platform

Network Telex Test Key Product

Manual calculation of test key codes is both time consuming and error prone. Many formulae are highly complex and changes are frequently required. The control of sequence number usage may also give rise to problems. Now there is a cost effective and extremely secure windows solution designed to run on either stand-alone or networked PC systems, which automates all the functions of traditional testing. Compatible with Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/WIN 7

Security Features

A high level of security is achieved due to reduced clerical involvement, multiple password levels, access control, full data encryption and dual control for outgoing tests. A comprehensive audit journal ensures the integrity of the telex testing operation.

Easy to Use

Network Telex test key program is windows menu driven and designed to be used by staff with no previous computer experience and with minimal training. The relevant data from the message text is screen prompted, validated and the test key result is immediately produced. Sequence variable allocation is automatically matched against all possible positions determining whether the test agrees, is out of sequence or a duplicate.


To comply with many banks' particular security and operational requirements, a comprehensive user defined configuration facility is provided. This facility enables the client to decide all the security restrictions independently of the software and then match the menu options to the users' functions. 


  • Increased security and message integrity
  • Fast processing of test key code calculations 
  • Elimination of errors on outgoing tests 
  • Comprehensive checking on incoming tests
  • Automatic allocation of Prefix/Sequence variables 
  • Reduced dependency of the knowledge of individual tables 
  • Minimal staff training required


  • Muli-level password security.
  • On-line audit trail.
  • Full Enquirer facilities. 
  • Easy to use.
  • Auto-archive for additional security storage. 
  • User defined configuration to comply with existing security and control procedures.

Telex-Net Software or E-TELEX services

The Network Telex Test Key program can be fully integrated with telex-net software or the E-TELEX service and may also be used independenty with alternative telex / data / software products.

Network Telex and the Banking Industry

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