Global call centre support and automated email advice is fully available, with on-site training provided by our Technical Support Team, enabling the customer to benefit immediately from our product features and many years of expertise.

All our personnel have extensive training experience and knowledge of both hardware and software within the telecommunications industry.

To date we have supplied telex solutions for over 185 countries worldwide and our support team provide technical support to thousands of customers Worldwide.

All training is supported with full user and technical manuals for future reference, with a wide variety of "quick guide" templates for all          e-services available upon request.

Network telex also supply training for leading International Avionics and Maritime Colleges as well as global PTT Telecom Carriers and International network operators.

Training packages can be tailored to meet Customer needs, from classroom technology, virtual meetings, conferences and simple on site location training at the customer’s premises.

Many Network telex products were designed and manufactured by Network telex either directly or under license.A wide range of spare parts and components are stored at logistic centres in each region. Network telex employ's its own programing team for product update, development and advancement, to ensure on going development and compatability in line with other IT software and operating system manufacturers.

Netowrk Telex Service

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email to aviation network delivery
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