FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1) What is telex?

2) Why do people still use telex?

3) Is telex secure and reliable?

4) Are the latest Maritime vessel's fitted with (Inmarsat) telex receivers?

5) What is a telegram?

6)) Are telegram services used outside of weddings and birthdays?

7) Is SMS a useful way to market our products?

8) Where can I purchase telex paper and telex ribbons?

9) How do I join the services?


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Frequently asked questions

1) What is telex?

Telex or Teleprinter exchange in its full title, is the original form of data transmission, developed during the Second World War and used as  a secure and reliable long distance communication.

Unlike fax or email, Telex has full “legal document status" in every country of the world. It carries proof of RECEIPT as well as proof of sending due to its unique electronic handshake on each message. It remains a reliable communication tool with specific needs in Banking, Aviation and Maritime, although is still widely used in many secure environments including Embassies, Governments, Post Offices and Military organisations worldwide.

The days of morse code transmitted across a copper wire and a pony express waiting to deliver the message have long gone, but its satellites offer secure, controlled and unique communication needs for demanding Industries.

The internet today was based on many original telex functionalities for direct Inter-Country communication, desktop messaging and the Internet Chat type facility is the traditional telex "conversational" call.

Despite its age of service, the trusted and reliable global telex service is a requirement for today’s and tomorrows largest organisations.

2) Why do people still use telex?

For legally secure , guaranteed transmission , the telex service remains unique , from the transmission of banking  "TT" (standing for telex transfer) to Maritime emergency calls , ships in distress , pirate threat to lifeboat launch , it is truly a mission critical communication platform.
Billions of Dollars (USD) of financial transactions passes across the telex network every day ensuring its longevity for many years to come.

3) Is telex secure and reliable?

Security is paramount and the global traditional telex satellites continue to offer excellent service. Once a telex is sent it is basically irrevocable once the receivers telex system has confirmed the receipt of the message. Telex lines carry their own unique encryption, making it relatively impossible to "hack" into a traditional telex line or telex machine. International telex Country codes are also unique and differ from the normal Country telephone / fax codes, (list can be obtained from Network telex) this dedicated numbering system is also part of the unique telex topography.

4) Are the latest Maritime vessel's fitted with Inmarsat telex receivers?

All major vessels launched today are fitted with the latest telex satellite receivers, code red emergency calls remain a telex priority for the crews and International Maritime Organisations (IMO) directives remain in place and updated to ensure continual maritime needs are secured. The cost of sending a telex message to a vessel in any Ocean is often far less cost than by fax or maritime email.

5) What is a telegram?

A telegram is a telegraphically transmitted message. The sender types and submits a text based message that is instantly transmitted world wide and delivered to the receiver as a paper copy message. Telegrams are unique in there transmission regulations (F31) standard via the global International Telecom Union (ITU) directive.

Nothing has more urgency than a telegram. As it is normally signed for by the receiver with the telegram itself being a message with legal document status. Proof of both sending and receipt are therefore assured with international transmission in seconds rather than days of the standard surface mail services.

6) Are telegram services used outside of weddings and birthdays?

Traditionally telegrams are sometimes seen to be for special occasions and they indeed make a welcome surprise for the receiver.   However due to the nature of a legal document, both local and International telegram services are widely used for legal notices, credit control and debt collection purposes.

It is difficult to ignore a telegram message that has to be signed for with a waiting Network telex delivery driver and once signed for can be considered as "served". Its legal delivery assistance is therefore a major asset to the fast and efficient global telegram network today.

7) Is SMS a useful way to market our products?

The cell (mobile) phone industry has experience phenomenal growth worldwide; customers are seen to welcome a precise and specific notification that can be an advantage to their business or lifestyle. eSMS is direct, personal and guaranteed to be read, Network telex can deliver to any mobile operator or Country worldwide to ensure a global presence and therefore a uniform global marketing strategy may be maintained.

SMS has many uses for simple update messages to marketing, Competition and lifestyle awards. Network telex is able to assist with the design and implementation of a local or global campaign and has developed strategies such as the "Corporate Birthday Notification”, automatically sending an sms to each staff member on their birthday at a preset time and date, congratulating them on behalf of their management.

8) Where can I purchase telex paper and telex ribbons?

Rolls of Telex paper and all types of consumables are available from Network telex. Telex paper is normally a standard size in width and can differ in its “ply-copy”. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 and 6 ply telex rolls are still supplied by Network telex. Telex paper is still used for many of the worlds industries that require nonstop printing and multi-message duplicate copies. Network telex delivers a wide range from vessels at sea, Airline check-in desks, financial institutions and even for the Fire service call out systems and the Fire engines (Appliances) themselves.

9) When IATA announce new LABELS are required - where can I purchase them at low cost ?

Network telex will supply globally at low cost - contact sales@telex-net.com

10) How do I join the services?
Please contact Network telex on support@telex-net.co.za  OR  sales@telex-net.com who will be pleased to assist with full information and will re route your call to a Regional or local office as may be required.



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