Maritime Industry Summary

Network telex has many years of experience assisting broad Maritime Industry sectors and has a wide range of specific products and services designed for the industry which have been utilised by major Shipping lines, Shipping Agents, Coastguards and related Corporations across the world.

Products Include:

  • E-telex messaging for International sending and receipt of legal document status messages to vessels in any ocean on a full  24 x 7 x 365 day bases.
  • Encrypted e-telex messaging for secure environments and message integrity.
  • E-ship service - delivering customer land based standard emails to the vessel existing providers worldwide - without the need for our clients to subscribe to any direct alternative provider.Transmitting text or data is available at anytime.
  • International Maritime email delivery - shore to ship solutions.
  • Maritime Communication Satellite products and Services (see below for Product Summary) 
  • Debt Collection solutions - ensuring notices are signed for by receiving parties and there new contact details collected to be reported back to our clients on a daily bases.
  • E-fax messaging service- delivering fax messages direct to the vessel's worldwide
  • Shore and port based crew letter and message notification solutions.
  • Telex Messaging / Hardware and Software Solutions for in house communication platforms.
  • SMS Maritime solutions - transaction confirmation, client notifications and marketing solutions.
  • Ocean Hunting facility - Network telex search for the vessel no matter where it's unknown location.
  • System bespoke integration - for unique Corporation usage. 
  • Maritime Mobile telephone services (cell phone) - handsets supplied on a contract or pre-paid bases - including crew calling cards.
  • Supply of telex paper (Rolls) in single or multi-ply paper formats.
  • 24 Hr service and contracted support
  • Emergency call-outs - our engineers have boarded vessels upon request for full technical messaging assistance.

Maritime Communication Satellite Products and Services (2014)


The Universal Card prepaid solution offers users a convenient way to stay in touch with friends and family and makes managing satellite communications simple.

Universal Card enables voice calls, messaging and web usage. Crew or team members can make prepaid private calls, send prepaid emails, SMS messages and access the web, while managers of large numbers of terminals benefit from improved crew morale and complete cost control over private communications with minimal administration at no additional cost. 


SkyFile Mail provides reliable and cost-effective email, fax and SMS messaging on VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya satellite terminals. It is suitable for users at sea, on land and in flight.

Simple to install, use and update, SkyFile Mail works on any desktop PC or laptop. SkyFile Mail Premium is fully compatible with any email software, such as Microsoft Outlook, allowing easy integration with existing programs and making it an ideal messaging tool for users onboard. 


Fleet One brings broadband communications to small vessels such as yachts, motorboats and fishing boats. 
This new voice and data satellite service has been designed specifically for the maritime leisure and fishing communities, providing uninterrupted voice and data connectivity up to 100 kbps.
On sailing holidays or fishing trips, Fleet One service ensures small vessel owners have seamless access to email, internet, can send SMS messages and talk on the phone.
Our value-added services bring unique additional features with versatile messaging tools, web compression and filtering, traffic monitoring, weather forecast or advanced security settings to improve the user experience onboard.


Bring Satellite Communications to your smartphone!

Thuraya SatSleeve is the smartest, fastest and simplest way to transform your smartphone into a satellite phone. Only slightly larger than the smartphone itself, the compact adaptor allows you to turn your smartphone into a satellite phone enjoy voice and data beyond the coverage of traditional terrestrial networks.
Corporate and NGO users, frequent travellers or adventurous explorers, travelling in remote locations can enjoy the use of their own smartphone, without having to carry an extra satphone or bulky equipment. 


With Iridium handheld satellite phones, you can communicate from any point on the globe, including oceans, airways and Polar Regions.

Operating on the Iridium satellite network, a constellation of 66 satellites in a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) with cross-link architecture, Iridium handsets enable you to make and receive calls virtually anywhere in the world, requiring only a clear line of sight to

the sky. 
Iridium Handhelds are suitable for the professional on the move, and offer anyone working remotely in locations with limited access to traditional terrestrial connectivity, voice and data services and much more. While the Iridium 9555 small, light and water-resistant device is particularly suitable for industrial and rugged environments, the Iridium Extreme is ideal for government and military personnel, emergency responders, mining teams or users that require location based services for real-time tracking.


Thuraya XT satellite phones are essential when you need easy to use, cost-efficient communications in Europe, the Middle-East, most of Africa, Asia and Australia. Operating on Thuraya’s geostationary satellite network, the phones are designed for users
traveling in demanding environments and are splash water, dust and shockproof. Available in satellite only and dual satellite-GSM mode, Thuraya XT handsets provide you with continuous Internet connectivity at speeds of up to 60kpbs via GmPRS (Geo
mobile Packet Radio Service). 

In addition to offering GPS waypoint navigation with tracking capabilities, with Thuraya XT satellite phones you can make voice calls, browse the web, send and receive emails, and even access your corporate network, all from your Thuraya XT handset. To help you get more from your Thuraya handheld, we offer a range of solutions designed to enhance basic satellite connectivity. 


While IsatPhone Pro was the first global satellite phone from Inmarsat, the more-featured rich IsatPhone 2, has been added to the handheld portfolio. Engineered to work in just about any environment, featuring an intuitive GSM-style interface and color screen,
IsatPhone handhelds are the most robust handsets ever built, easy to use and affordable. IsatPhone handhelds redefine quality and reliability in mobile satellite communication, while our solutions optimize the service with cost-effective tools for your daily communication and administration needs.


Powered by Iridium’s truly global network, this rugged and unit extends the capabilities of any smartphone, laptop or tablet by creating a satellite-backed Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere on the planet.
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