TX 3000 Telex Terminal

Features Include

  • Word processing facilities.
  • Large, full size VDU
  • Auto dialling & re-dialling
  • Short code dialling
  • Computer style/function keyboard
  • Large memory capacity, upgradeable to 256k memory
  • Self diagnostic fault analysis programme
  • Emergency battery back up - in case of power failure
  • Dot Matrix Printer, incorporating up to 3 print types & A4 paper sheet feed. Using standard telex rolls, or computer continuous paper

Optional features

  • Single or double 3.5" disc drive
  • Fitted RS232 Communications Port
  • Internationally Compatible
  • TELEX TRANSFER SOFTWARE - store and duplicate all incoming Telex messages to standard PC. (Windows format)


Main Unit

  • Battery backed message store
  • Password protected
  • LED status display
  • Dimensions: w.435 x d.369 x h.126mm


  • Dedicated keys for telex and word processing
  • Dedicated Help key
  • Dimensions: w.482 x d.205 x h.65mm


  • 12" green phosphor
  • 80 characters per line x 24 lines
  • Adjustable brightness, tilt and swivel
  • Date/Time display
  • Dimensions: w.313 x d.334 x h.305mm


  • Up to 180 characters per second
  • Draft and near letter quality mode
  • Telex paper roll header
  • Sheet feed
  • Dimensions: w.398 x d.350 x h.90mm

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