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United Kingdom
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I am pleased to confirm that Network Telex Group have the full support of Cable and Wireless with regards to the provision of Internet VPN to support inter country telex service connection or "long line" telex solutions. We recognise that Network Telex is a global supplier of telex services and has been for many years.

We also appreciate that Network Telex will directly offer front line customer support to its customers and also facilitate with the local telex exchange management, including the backup resilience telex exchange, trunk line and telex infrastructure ensuring a total guaranteed solution managed 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

Cable and Wireless are a fully licensed message carrier and operate VPN connections that can be used for inter country telex connection and include the full support and service that such lines require for major international telex traffic.

I have no doubt that the global knowledge and support of Network Telex group can offer unrivalled performance and reliability within the still important global telex market.

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