Telex-Net Software

Telex-Net is PC compatible Windows based software, for computer to telex communications. The software has been developed by our own in-house development team which bench tests every system under different working platforms and enviroments

Each Telex-Net system is bespoke, detailing the level of additional users required by each customer. Hardware and software is provided by experienced and qualified staff.Engineers are available for all your information needs and can be contacted either by telex, phone, fax or email.

Telex Modem Unit Interface

The Telex-Net modem unit is approved for connection in over 185 countries.
Connect your existing computer to the International global telex network via Telex-Net windows software where local telex lines are provided by the National telecom carrier (PTT)

UK and International communication standards maintained with full service support enabling International Companies to install at each location with complete confidence.

Systems can be used on private clients acting as a reliable interface ASCII telex conversion.

Telex-Net Software - Software for today's telex message

Telex-net is a windows based application which enables either a network or individual personal computers to be connected to  local Country telex system via local PTT telex lines.

The software is Windows based and conforms to all standard Windows functions. Ease of use has been paramount in the development of this application, resulting in a simple 'point and click' style of operation requiring minimal user training.
Telex Modem Unit  features include: 

  • Automatic retires on call failure or on receipt of a service signal from the telex exchange.
  • Automatic dialling and redialling with full answer back checking.
  • Automatic reception of incoming calls and routing to host machine or separate printer.
  • Simple host protocol allows full monitoring of message status.
  • Full conversational working available.
  • Telex Line-connection meets all major international requirements.

     Telex-Net software enables any PC user to prepare, amend, send and receive telex messages from their own workplace. Every telex message created on the PC is allocated a unique reference number which is automatically tracked through the system.
    Data for your message can be imported from any Windows or .TXT based package, such as a spreadsheet or word-processor, or from the Windows clipboard.

Telex Modem Unit  features include: 

  • Fast and efficient - Bringing telex services to each work station.
  • Fully automated - Send and receive modes.
  • Single input - Therefore no retyping of message.
  • Message status - Full legal message status maintained.
  • Secure - with password protection, user access levels, online audit trail, system, message and status logs.
  • Fax /e:mail link - Send any incoming or outgoing telex by fax or e-mail (multi-message option)
  • Automatic printing of telexes to designated printers (printer spooling option)
  • Archiving and easy retrieval of telex messages from the database.
  • Call charges - Auto call /reduced call charges make full use of low cost out of business hours rates and/or international time zones.
  • Real Time  - Conversational facility - for live calls.

System Requirements

IBM compatible PC
Pentium processor or equivalent
250 MB RAM  (500MB recommended)
200 MB free disc space
CD ROM drive
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/WIN 7
Microsoft compatible mouse and driver 1 free comms or USB port

All requirements subject to survey and may vary depending on existing hardware and software configuration site.
Software is compatible with all major Windows platforms and Network versions.

P.T.T / Carrier Solutions: Telex & Telegraph & Gentex

Telex-Net Software and the Telex modem Unit, have been supplied to many of the worlds major carrier operators : Including UK (British Telecom) United Arab Emirates (Etisalat), Bahamas (Batelco), Kuwait (Ministry of Telecom), Brunei  (Brunei Telecom), Angola (Angola Telecom), Romania (Romtel), Hong Kong (PCCW) for there own local subscriber installations.

Network telex is a manufacturer and supplier of the traditional and latest I.P telex switches,TDM Units and billing platforms, that enable old style telex exchanges to be upgraded and replaced without any loss of service or message integrity.Working in partnership under a wide range of outsource options, Network telex is able to deliver a global, low cost, flexable and modern soultion to solve any carriers needs.

Dedicated Trunk routes and low cost inter Country message delivery can be packaged on a sale or lease or joint operation bases ensuring a reliable and latest service for many years to come.

Please contact for further information on this specialist enviroment.

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