Zetafax is reliable and robust fax server software that will adapt and expand as your business and communication needs grow. Designed to provide solutions to your everyday business problems, Zetafax gives you the power and flexibility to work the way you want to.

The convenience of faxing from your desktop is matched by the time it saves. Using Zetafax, you can fax documents directly from applications like Microsoft Office, or e-mail software such as Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. What used to take minutes and a walk around the office can now be done in seconds without leaving your desk. Faxes arrive immediately on screen or paper - it's your choice. Use Zetafax with direct dial telephone numbers (DDI) and each user can have their own fax number, ensuring every fax is routed directly to their computer the moment it arrives.

When travelling, you can take your personal fax archive with you and use Zetafax on your laptop PC to stay in touch. You can have the same coversheets and letterheads on your laptop as those in the office, so the faxes you send look identical. Any fax sent to your normal direct dial fax number will be forwarded by Zetafax to your e-mail account - so when you pick up your e-mail away from the office, you can pick up your faxes too.

Improve efficiency by taking control. Zetafax gives you control over who can send faxes, when and where. The system administrator can set permissions on both a global and an individual basis. Windows NT's Performance Monitor and Event Log may be used to monitor fax server queues, fax devices and links between Zetafax servers.

Zetafax is the fax server of choice for over 35,000 customers worldwide - all types of businesses from large to small. Equisys works with a network of partners in over thirty countries to provide first rate backup, support and training. The result? A fax server you can trust to give you the power to perform.

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