E-Telex Message Service


Network telex are global providers of a full telex message service enabling telex messages to be sent / received from the users desktop at greatly reduced rates with no new hardware or software required.

Network Telex operates its own dedicated telex exchanges with trunk and lease line connections to the worlds major carriers and maritime satellites.

Secure telex messaging

Network Telex are World market leaders in global telex communications with thousands of users in 180 countries worldwide meeting the needs of Individual customers along with the supply of telex services to whole countries and Telecom Carriers (PTT)

As a global recognised carrier, we operate our own telex exchange with direct trunk connections to the worldwide telex and shipping satellite networks.

Network telex have developed a simple, easy and secure way to send telex messages without the need of a dedicated telex line, thus saving the cost of a telex line rental and equipment maintenance charges.

How to send an E-telex message

By using a standard e-mail account provided by a local Internet service provider. You can prepare a telex message in the same way as a normal email.

In the To: box insert our service address DIRECT@telex-net.com 

Add the Subject: as required. ( this is not transmitted as part of the message)

On the first line of the message you must type the telex Country code or Ocean code & telex number that you wish to send to.

Then type the message itself, when you have finished your message, type NNNN to ignore any email disclaimer that you may have,as NNNN means "end of message", everything below the NNNN including graphics will then be ignored, then just click the email send button in the normal way.

Once received by our system the message is automatically transferred into real telex protocol and transmitted. You will then receive an automatic notification by e-mail, advising the outcome of the transmission. This will either confirm that it has been instantly delivered or the reason why it could not be sent using the normal telex codes ABS, NP etc.

Each account has a unique reference allocated to it, which is then embodied in every telex message that is sent out by the user.

We will also issue an incoming telex number for your Company and anyone wishing to send telex messages to you will dial this telex number Our etelex exchange identifies the receiver and automatically forwards it to your registered e-mail address or multiple address as required on a fully automatic 24 x 7 x 365 bases.

Each month we will send a fully itemised statement of calls made with the appropriate charges and this will be debited to your account.
We will also send a welcome pack with a poster of country codes, user guide, call costs, contact numbers and details on how to send telex via our service.

To use our system only requires a live Internet Email account on your machine(s) and an activated eTelex account.
There is no additional hardware or software required and connection is instant.

Network telex has unique solutions for specific Industries Including:

  • SWIFT interface (Banking)
  • Call billing and profit management packages (Maritime)
  • Unique address book facility using names instead of numbers.
  • Multicall broadcast facility.
  • Bi-lingual telex services.
  • Email 128 bit encryption (Financial and Government)
  • Airline messaging services (IATA)
  • AFTN telex / lease line facilities. (Aviation)
  • "TELEX-BACK"-  dial a telex number to receive back a pre set message by telex transmission.
  • "TELEX-DIVERT" - dial a telex number that automatically forwards the same message to a different telex number worldwide.

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