A day in the life of a TELEX-NET Installation Engineer

9th September 2011

Bahamian Rhapsody
Network Telex has been awarded a contract to supply and install telex
equipment and software in partnership with Bahamas Telecommunications
Corporation (Batelco) in Nassau. The contract included the supply of
software, modems, printers and technical support. The supply of
components and on-site support for a minimum of a further five years also
forms part of the project.
A week long training course was held in Nassau covering all aspects of
telex support, installation, training and repair.
Major clients now using Telex-Net software and modems on the island
include the Central Bank of the Bahamas and Coutts (Bahamas) Ltd.
The project has been a great success building on previous supplies to the
Caribbean including Antigua and Bermuda. 

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