10th October 2011

Telex messages can be sent to and from more than 175 countries – even where national telecommunications carriers have closed local telex exchanges – with the easy-to-use PC-based products and services provided by a British company that also claims to offer some of the lowest telex message costs in the world.
            Equipment and software from Network Telex, which now operates the telex exchange for Japan, allows users to combine the legal document status of telex messages with the simplicity and convenience of e-mail and fax communication. With the minimum of training, users can prepare, amend, send and receive telex messages from their own workplaces.
            Telex messages can be sent from individual or networked PCs by means of a modem and software application with a range of Windows-based features, such as copy, paste and file import. Sent and received messages can be re-used, to eliminate re-typing, and listed or archived messages are quickly retrieved by comprehensive search facilities. Every telex message created on a PC is allocated its own unique reference number that is automatically tracked through the system.
            Network Telex software can be extended to any number of users on a network and, with “multi-messaging” software, telex messages can be sent and received via the user’s e-mail client. This allows users to benefit from the complete integration of e-mail and fax, as well as SITA, if required, for aviation industry users.
            Network Telex operates its own telex exchange connections with trunk and leased lines linking to the worldwide telex and shipping satellite networks to meet the needs of individual customers or the supply of telex services to a whole country, as in Japan.
When Japan’s KDDI closed the local telex exchange, Network Telex was authorized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to reconnect the service, with users retaining their original telex numbers, as well as Japan’s country code for sending and receiving. 

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