Network rebuilds Iraq Telex service

9th January 2012

 Dorset computer experts are heading out to Baghdad to carry out IT work for the US government in Iraq.  Network Telex – which exports to 175 countries – has been tasked by the US government to help with the rebuilding of Telex services in Iraq.  Network Telex has become “the first company to develop and design” Arabic Telex software.  Its software allows Telex messages and telegrams to be transmitted in either Arabic or English or mixture of both languages.  The Ferndown Company has also just won $310,000 worth of work in the United Arab Emirates for its bilingual Telex software.  Its Arabic Telex systems are to be installed in every post office within the UAE.  The initial order is for the computers, spare parts and five-year support contracts are expected to total a further $210,00.  Network Telex managing director Philip Clarke said:  “the development has taken 18 months and everyone said it couldn’t be done.  I’m very pleased to say that - working with our hardware partners ATL Telecom in Wales – we have achieved exactly what has required.”  Telex remains a vital form of communication for shipping and oil companies and banks because – unlike some of its successors – it is a legal document.  The Ferndown firm has updated Telex with software that makes it compatible for standalone and networked computers, instead of using a dedicated Telex machine.

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