VIPs visit team restoring Wall Street Telex

10th October 2011

 Prince Charles and Mexican President Vicente will meet representatives from the Dorset firm rebuilding Telex systems on Wall Street after the destruction of the World trade Centre on September 11.  Officials from Network Telex will meet the Prince of Wales and the Mexican President at the port of Vera Cruz’s 100th anniversary celebrations.  Network Telex’s director Philip Clarke and head of marketing Stephanie Brehem will then dine with the Prince of Wales aboard the Type 23 frigate HMS Sutherland off Vera Cruz celebration starts on Sunday.  Network Telex – which supplies PC- based Telex Systems and software – was invented by the UK government after a $50,000 deal with Mexico’s largest company, oil grant Pemex.  Telex remains a vital form of communication for chipping and oil companies and banks because - unlike some of its successors - is a legal document.  It is effectively and advanced form of Morse code.  “You can’t hack a Telex.  You can’t get at the data in the same way you can with an e-mail, ”said Mr Clarke.
 The Ferndown firm has updated Telex with software that makes it compatible for stand-alone and networked PCs, instead of using a dedicated Telex machine.
The Vera Cruz celebration coincides with network Telex’s work on Wall Street for the World Trade Centre.  Network Telex has teamed up to supply software plus eight computers from Poolebased Huge Symons. Each has a 3GHz Pentium 4 processor, 2GB of RAM and a 160Gb hard disk.
Network Telex supplies equipment and software to thousands of companies in more the 175 countries across the world.
Its systems are installed in Sultan of Brunei’s palace and are also used by the President of Senegal and the British Antarctic Survey Team.
Two years ago Mr Clarke narrowly escaped being caught in a gun battle cross fire in Guatemala City when he was transporting a Telex PC to a bank.
Severe flooding and mudslides meant Mr Clarke and an engineer had been forced strap the PC onto the back of a motorcycle to transport it up a dirt road to the bank.  “We had to hide underneath a chicken truck while these guys were shooting at each other.”  said Mr Philip Clarke.  “Our engineer with the motorcycle treated it as if it was quite a lot.” he added.
The 13-year-old firm now has six offices around the world : Ferndown, Miami, Australia, South Africa, Kenya and Dubai.

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