Products and Services

The Network telex portfolio can be divided into Products and Services, the simplification is that products are used by our clients whom then directly connect Network telex software / hardware to their own local communication networks.

Whereas our e-message services are the complete message solution, handled by Network telex from receipt to transmission and delivery to the receiving party's delivery infrastructure.

Network telex unique services can transmit to virtually any global message Network ensuring that our customers do not need to be aware of whom there customer is currently using as a provider, safe in the knowledge that delivery and security are paramount.

From customer fax submission to e-telegram, from email to e-telex, from cell phone to aviation services, from word processing documents to Cell Phone e-sms, the service will route the important data and automatically supply a confirmation of receipt as required.


email to global document delivery
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email to aviation network delivery
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email to mobile phone delivery
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